Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finally! Battle Force 5 has arrived!

Finally, the show has started showing on Cartoon Network Asia! And my son is all hooked! Day and night, he's always pestering me to get him the cars. "I want Hotwheels!" that's all he knows. BTW, he's only 4 years old. :P

Went around searching for it, I even went to China Square on Sundays, trying to score one. But the trip always ends up fruitless (but I did managed to use this as an excuse to score for my own stuff without my wife nagging me! ) Then it hits me. It's not sold in Singapore. WTH! So, I tried Ebay and guess what? The freaking freight charges are cut throat. Way too ridiculous to get it over. However, when I check the official site, the price for one piece cost only USD$1.90!
Well, to cut the story short, lucky for me, my friend happened to be coming back from the States. I decided to ask him to help me hand carry back some.

Tank Buster and Fangore. Comes with launcher.

Fangore. This one particular toy that I have doubts on the 'safety standards'. The pointed tip of Fangore's carriage can cause some serious pain when it is directed at certain parts of the body.

Tank Buster....this is one of my son's favourite. The top can be raised, just like in the cartoon.

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