Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Added more stuff to Spidey..

Today's weather is great for some serious work. Took out Spidey and check on the 2-Part-Epoxie thingy and it's completed hardened. Good. Give it some sanding down to remove any rough surfaces. Something is still lacking...Spidey still looks plain. What to add onto his body? After much serious thought, I decided to give him some veins. Reason is because the part that attaches the fore arm to all the weaponry looks plain and un-interesting. Maybe some veins would do the trick. Guess from the pic it looks cool with the veins, right?

Well the veins don't stop there. I decided to add some onto other parts too. Like the groin area. Oh, yup, I also added Spidey a pair of nicely contoured nipples. Have you ever wondered why most toys don't have nipples? Humm.....come to think of it, don't think they ever had any! haha...Well, I decided to do the 'right' thing, putting stuff where it's supposed to be. Now Spidey looked more anatomy correct, less his erm..pee-pee. Guess I just have to do things one at a time.
More veins were added to his thighs, legs and back. The overall effect now looks better. Spidey now looks more cynical and fierce...more veiny.

After doing all the adding of parts and final touch up, I decided to prime it and give Spidey an undercoat paint. This paint is slightly thicker in viscousity. This enables it to seal any flaws or inperfection that I've missed. But I still have one BIG worry; will the paint adhere to the body? Well, I'll only have to wait till tomorow to find out. Looking at the 70% complete Spidey, I suddenly felt a sense of satifaction. Will this be my 1st and last mod? Humm....

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