Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today's accquisition..

Before I continue writing about my 'mod' sessions, I would like to show you my latest accquisition of 2 outstandingly detailed 6", fully articulated Marvel Legends toys. Got them from the Yahoo Auction site. Great deal. This is the 1st time I'm owning one and 'wow', was I blown away by the fine detail and articulation found in these series of toys! No wonder ML managed to win over so many fans worldwide. I got myself a Juggernaut(loose) and a Maestro(MSIB) for a start. The Juggernaut was kind of stiff at some joints. So I plied it and with a little 'force' (nearly ripped it off!) I managed to get the sturborn joints to move freely. Now I can give it al kinds of pose. Woowee..can they really pose! Love it. Should have gotten one earlier.

The next one is Maestro. He's MSIB so I don't get any chance of 'exploring' him but can only admire the details..(T.T) unless I want to free him from the confines of his 'prison', that's the packaging. I will do that later, if I'm bored and fingers itching..hehe

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