Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2 days, still not inspiration....'s been 2 days already and I'm still suffering for 'customizer's block'. What to do? Maybe the weather's been crazy lately and that affected me. Anyway, as usual, not wanting to waste time sitting around wandering what to do next, I decided to take out Jenny for a photo shoot. This is her first appearance ( hopefully not the last ) since being 'boxed' up for who-knows-how-long. Even the sticker on the box had turned yellow...
Well, as always, I took her out, 'played' with her alittle and this was what I discovered:
1) The figure is not that articulated. So, quite limited to only a handful of poses.
2) Figure's not that well endowed. So, again, didn't turn out what I had expected during the photo shoot.
But overall, she's a pretty doll with cute Japanese anime features. Luv those eyes. Kinda sparkle. Very different from Barbie. Maybe, I'll try to source for a real 12 inch fully articulated female figure. Or maybe I already owned one, somewhere hidden in my ever growing collection of 12 inch figures! That'll be interesting....

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