Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mx 9 N-Tek Cycle Review

Bought this bike way back. Guess at least 5 years? Got it during one of those year end sale for quite a song. It's a Mx 9, N-Tek Cycle from the Max Steel range of toys. Only yesterday I finally got the chance and time to free the bike from it's confines. Great bike I should say. Comes with flashing lights, firing missiles and when you turn the ignition button located on the tank, it produces a 'real' engine cranking sound. When you pushes the bike, the back wheel generates a 'vroom' sound. Cool...Should have bought several of this at one go and sell it on line..hehe...too late now.
What's the point of just taking pics of the bike if there are no models? Well, as usual, I took out my gorgeous CY Girls, this time added Ryan Whittaker (from Final Fantasy, The Spirits Within) for a change. He looks kinda out of place,right?

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