Thursday, March 29, 2007

Review of Pirates of the Carribbean action figurine

"Sao Feng is tall and has a moustache that is about a foot long. His head is shaven. Extensive scars cover him, especially his scalp. He wears black clothing and speaks English proficiently, but with a slight Chinese accent. Chinese character adorn his robes; it is unclear what they specifically are, but appear to match his name. He is also heard reciting a few lines of a Chinese poem in Cantonese. His weapon of choice is a dao. Personality-wise, Feng is depicted as an unscrupulous and honour-less coward who will do anything to join with the winning side (which he considers to be "just good business"), even if it means betraying his best friends."

"Will is a competent swordsman, although he lacks actual combat experience compared to duelists like Jack. Although mild-mannered, Will is extremely brave, as seen when he faces Captain Jack Sparrow, a notorious pirate, in a sword fight, and by his response to Barbossa's attack on Port Royal. He is fiercely loyal to those he cares about and would risk everything to protect them, especially Elizabeth. At his best, Will is clever, heroic, and courageous and never shirks responsibility or leaves an obligation unfulfilled..."

My bro knew that I loved collecting 12 inch figures and got this for me as a Christmas gift. I have seen this figure on sale many times but wasn't sure how articulated it was until last night...
After taking pics of my 2 lovely Gothic themed CY Girls, I decided to 'free' Will from it's 'imprisonment'. At closer look, he's expression is pretty life like. Loves the costume too. Detailed for toys from this range. However, one weird thing I discovered was that the body can only rotate in ONE direction. Why is this so? Is there an reason for making it as such? humm....had me scratching my head for an answer. Otherwise, this is a commendable figure. Pretty posable too.

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