Thursday, January 10, 2008

DEcepticon...robots in disguise!

Yesterday went for my hair cut and as I walked pass an old provision shop, something caught my eye. A transformer! Well, there are alot of knock-offs in the market but this one is different. I took it and read the instructions. Hum.....looks pretty complicated. The product finishing is not bad, given that it's a copy. So, I parted $6 and happily brought it home. Tried following the instructions but, like I said earlier, complicated. Got kind of frustrated trying to transform it. Alas, after countless attempts, I succeeded in transforming it from shoe to robot. Phew!


Shaun said...

cool score, where did you get it from? :)

Ah Chow said...

bought from a provision shop in Joo Seng Rd. I was hoping to get 2, one Optimus Prime(red Nike shoe) and Megatron. But the boss only got 1. So I only managed to get this. If got extra, I'll keep one for you since you're interestd.

Shaun said...

oh thanks for letting me know, its fine, will probably go hunting round the neighbourhood mamak stores as well. :) have linked to your blog.