Thursday, January 3, 2008

Review of S.I.C Masked Rider 3

I'm now officially a new owner of a Super Imaginative Chogokin Masked Rider G3 & G4! Got it rather cheap as compared to what shops are offering. Heard alot about it but the price set me back time and again. Finally, flush from the recent pay increase and X'mas shopping spirit, I finally dump some hard earned cash into getting one as keep sake. I couldn't resist taking both of them out to play as the name S.I.C ( Super Imaginative Chogokin ) brings about a whole new meaning to articulated toys. "They must be super posable", I told myself at the back of my head as I slowly removed all the wires that secured the toys to it's packaging.

On close examination, the details are great. Figure is pretty heavy for it's size and it comes with plently of add-ons. Took out my digicam and started taking pics of it in various poses.

As you can see from the pics, the figure is infact not that articulated. There's still room for improvement. Example would be:
  1. the hip joint. Can't do a 180 degrees split.
  2. the lower leg. Can't bend all the way to the thighs.
  3. the waist can only tilt to a certain limited angle.

These are just some of the limitations that put me off as I'm being restricted as to only a handful of poses possible. So, Super Imaginative....maybe to some. As for me, I'm still trying to imagine...hard. Below you can see the figure being taken apart for close examination.

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