Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Review on 1/6 Dragon figure

I've always been on the look out for a 1/6 figure that's really articulated. Bought this Dragon figure online and tried to maximize it's 'potential'. Kinda of disappointed by the limited poses it can do. Still can't do the full sqart or knee-touch-elbow position. The head tilt is also disappointing as it can't do the 'lie-flat-head-look up' position. Maybe Shaun bro can recommend or even sell me one of his spares??
Monday went down to Yellowbox at Golden Mile Plaza for the 1st time and was kinda....erm...ok.
Stuff sold there not that cheap. Saw the 1/6 scale tool box and plenty of army stuff suitable for kitbashing. However, I did bought a 1/6 figure (without head and hands). Looks slightly taller than your average 1/6 but the joints are pretty articulated. Ask the guy at the counter what brand this figure belongs to and his face drew a blank. Not very helpful given that he's doing this for a living. I expected him to provide me with more details....Will be posting pics of this new figure and hopefully, Shaun bro can help me out by identifying it and provide some clue where I can get his hands and a decent head.


Shaun said...

I don't have spares at the moment, but I understand TFH can order more Barrack Sergeant bodies in. Get on their mailing list dude. :)

Eh I'll do my best, I'm really a noob when it comes to customising, so can't recognise all the bodies out there. But do check out, the people there are gurus.

Ah Chow said...

Thanks bro...