Saturday, April 12, 2008

Onimusha Kaeda action figure review

This is a Kaede Onimusha Warlord Female 12-inch Figure - Dragon 1/6 scale Female Onimusha Warlord. Central to the first three major chapters of the Onimusha franchise (and to a lesser extent, the fourth chapter) is what is known as the Oni Gauntlet. This is the Gauntlet that was given to Samanosuke in Onimusha: Warlords and was created by the power of the council of the twelve Oni Gods. It absorbs souls (see Nature of Souls), gives power to Samanosuke's weapons and changes the color of the orb in its center to match with that of the corresponding weapon, allows him to achieve an Oni Awakening, and is capable of functioning with other Oni items such as the Oni Army OrbFrom Dragon Models Ltd.
Kaede features highly flexible 1/6 scale (12 inch) body, authentic cloth uniform featuring fully detailed decorations. Jointed arms and legs allow the figure to perform difficult poses. Each piece of equipment is accurately reproduced in 1/6 scale.
However, given that the figure is made entirely covered with rubber, I personally don't think it's worth collecting as;
1) If you intend to pose it, after sometime, creases or cracks will begin to show on the joints.
2) With Singapore's humid weather, in no time the figure will become 'sticky'.

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