Friday, November 23, 2007


This had got to be my toughest time making Hellboy! I have to crack my brain to think of a solution to fit the right sleeve onto his 'Hand of Doom'. Luckily, not ONE single pinky was injured in the process...PHEW!
After completing the right sleeve, I decided to add a collar and a leather belt plus buckle. Looks pretty authentic though...
Reason why I'm rushing this project is that I'll be going on holiday next week! YEH!!!! Guess where I'm going? HONG KONG! The land of toys! I've done some checking and snooping arnd and found several shopping malls specializes in selling all sorts of toys. I tell myself that this had got to be it...I'm gonna get myself some fantastic toys( much be cheap too..) before coming back to SG. No toys, no SG. Serious. Unless, my money runs out before I even get my hands on them. But then again, I can still take pictures. I'll try to capture 'strategic shots' of shops selling toys so that whoever visit this blog of mine can use it as a reference guide. Anyway, that 's all I'm gonna write for today, got to pack and prepare for the 1 week trip...ciao and adios-amigoes! Enjoy the pic of Hellboy!

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