Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's Sewing time!

Today, I managed to get myself a decent manual sewing machine from Yahoo Auction. Why do I need one? Why, I want to sew my own costume from Hellboy, that's why!

One your right is the WIP trench coat and leather pants, all sewn in ONE DAY! Can you believe it? Wow! Sometimes, I amazed myself....

Guess all those years of fiddling with my mon's sewing machine really pays off. The coat's made of cotton and it comes with a hood (see later pic). Actually, I wanted to make a leather coat, infact, I did made one but it's too stiff. Doesn't have that 'drop-down' effect.

Why I say WIP? Well, I'm still missing a sleeve and collar. That's a bit of a tricky part which I'll do it after a good nite sleep. VEry tiring, you know! I've never sewn such small items before. Need alot of 'eye-power'.

On the right is the antique sewing machine I bought online. Guess it still works! hehee..
This hobby is costing my $$...but loving it every minute of it! More pics to follow...

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