Monday, November 19, 2007

WoooWeeee! Finally 100% Completion!

WooWeee.....finally, I have completed my 1st customized 12 inch action figure! What an achievement! Didn't know that I would get this far. This morning, after the 2 Part Epoxie thingy had cured, I went on straight to paint the glasses. I decided to choose dark blue and the tiny slit luminous green. Wanted something like a NVG. Proceed to take some pics of it. Sometimes, I look back and I'm pretty amazed at what I can do.. :P
So, with this 'self-encouragment', I have decided on what figure I want to do for my next mod; Hellboy. That will be some challenge as I need to make quite a few stuff, eg. clothes and his oh-so-big gun. Now in the process of gathering pictures. Wish me luck and I'll try not to disappoint!

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