Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Rise of HellBoy!

Yoyo...wah! After completing my AVP look-alike, that's what one member of the SGcollect forum calls it, I've decided to embark on my next ambitious project; custom build Hellboy.
Why I say custom build? 'cos I took a completely simple 12 inch figure, those you can get it from the mama shop and transform it into Hellboy. Not possible? Me cazy? Well, I call it a challenge. Anyway, I still have some of the 2 Part Epoxie thingy lying arnd, so why not give it a try. I decided not to waste any time and proceeded to bisect my mama shop action fig.
You know what, I was lucky enough to discover Jinsaotome's site. He is a true Master and a selfless one. Got this tip from him about making movable joints. So I decided to take pics of my WIP and share with any bros interested in making his own joints movable. But first, you need a Dremel set. This bugger is really heaven sent. It's a customizers dream come true. Without it, I don't think I would have dared ventured this far.

After making all the limbs movable or shld I say more flexible/posable, I decided to work on the face. I downloaded some pics from the internet and started work straight away. I also got some tip from Harian from SGcollect. He uses tal powder to prevent epoxie from sticking to the fingers. Well, it works! Thanks man.

The face is still WIP. The eyes, I might some problem making them..you see, Hellboy's eyes are very expressive. They're also rather small. So I decided to make the face 1st, let it cure overnight and tomorrow then work on the eyes, neck, shoulder and chest.

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