Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Want! I Want!!!

After spending 1 whole evening at CTMA Centre look-see-look-see, I decided to call it a night. I'm totally spent. My legs have done more than what I had done during my NS road marches....but happy about it. I was somewhere in cloud nine. But something's still amiss. What have I not done? Did I miss out any place? Went back to the hotel and look through my 'research' notes.."Ah-ha!" There's still ONE more place I missed out. It's call 'In's Point'. This is another toys paradise...this has got to be the last destination in my itinerary because I'll be leaving HK the next day. Went to bed with a silly brim, thinking what will I discover tomorrow...zzzz
The next morning, went to the nearby shops and had dim sum. Do you know that HK's food not that fantastic? I find them kinda salty...anyway, with stomach full and some time to spare ( as most shops only start biz after 10am), I went to Snoopy Land (in Sha tin) with my family.
11 am, humm....with family settled, now's my time to shop. MY TIME....hahaha! Rush straight to In's Point. Guess what? Most shops still CLOSED! AHHHHHHH! Checked with the security guard and he says most toys shops in In's Point opens at 4 pm. 4PM! The tour agency coming to pick us up at 4:40pm. Guess I dun have much time to waste. Run through all the shops and you'll be amazed at all the toys in this place. It's 10X much better then CTMA Centre! All sorts of toys and they're priced quite reasonable. (Reminder: No photo taking allowed. That's why no pics to show,haiz...) Spotted an action figure selling for SGD $50+..but shop's closed and lights still on. Saw an uncle outside unpacking some stuff, approached him, "Uncle, I want to buy that toy but shop's closed. Do you know the boss?" Uncle says" Boss inside. You want what?"
Now this is the moment, boss came out, looked at me and says, "Today closed for stock check. Come back later." COME BACK LATER???? No way! I immediately told the boss that I'll be leaving HK in an hours' time. Can't I just buy the figure? PLease??? He then relented..phew...and these are the things I bought. Man, I nearly climaxed...nearly...haha....

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