Monday, December 3, 2007

Latest Accquisition...

My latest collection of 12 inch Marvel Legends Icon, Captain America and Wolverine Unmasked. Took them out of the box and started to play with it. Loosen the joints abit. Reason is that if the figurine is kept in it's confines for too long, deformation is bound to set in. My Captain American is one good example. The legs are slightly bent in a rather awkward position. I only noticed it when I took it out of the box. So is Wolverine's steel claws. Not very straight. Anyway, doesn't matter to me though. Soon, I'll be customizing them...hehe... Still contemplating which figure to make...*ponder-ponder
There are 2 option; Use Wolverine as a base for the Halo 3 Master Chief or Capt America as base for some Mask Rider figure.
Thinking of this 2 issue had me twisting and turning in my bed for hours...what do you (visitors to my blog) thinks? Any recommendations? Suggestions? In the meantime, enjoy the pics.

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