Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Completed! Halo 3 Master Chief!!!

Finally, my very own Master Chief from Halo 3! hahahaha....Took me several weeks, actually, not that long, to complete this customization. The base is from some unknown action figure ( but posable ). I had to build Master Chief from bottom up. No joke. Use up alot of my Apoxy. Also, as I'm not a fan of Xbox games, I had to spend time on the internet searching for suitable pics of Master Chief. Not to forget investing abit of $$ on buying Xbox 360 mag for pictures to use as reference. As you can see, my Master Chief is slightly different from the original design. Reason is because I was too anxious to get the project started and I only had some vague pics of Master Chief taken from the internet. The rest of it I had to imagine. I only noticed the difference when I bought the mag, which, by then I have nearly completed 80% of the customization. Anyway, hope the result turns out well.....enjoy the pics...

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