Thursday, December 13, 2007

TGIF!!! And it's raining cats and dogs..again

Wow! What a week!Finally it's coming to another end of a slobbering and slogging week. The weather's been rather erratic lately. Rain. Stop. Rain. Stop. Then sunny. Stop. More rain. What has the world become? Maybe the world leaders, now at Bali for the Kyoto Convention, shld speed up the process of reducing greenhouse effect on our troubled Earth. Heard on the news this morning that Al Gore publicly critises US of A. Well done! US is one of the MAJOR contributor to the ozone being depleted at such an alarming rate with all the SUVs zooming arnd. Enough politics for the real stuff. Stuff my blog is dedicated to. Today kind of bored, so I decided to take out my 12 inch Cpt America and Wolverine for some photo shoot. As I was going thru the pics, it turns out that I can do a mini comic strip out of it! hahaha...enough said, enjoy what I have complied..

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