Sunday, December 16, 2007

New hobby??

I've dedicated my blog to 12 inch toys but of late, I've been on a purchasing spree for less than 12 inches..Reason is because I'm fast running out of storage space and I'm currently kinda stuck: Something like writer's block but I call it customizer's block. I'm still thinking whether to do a 'Bionic Commando' or a AVP 2 offspring. I have several 12 inch figures now staring at me everyday, waiting for me to transform them into something of my desire...haiz..but, still life has to gone on, right? So, I decided to take up a new hobby, just to kill time and also trying to gather some inspiration. Yesterday I just bought my 1st SOTA toys. Guile and Sakura. Guile's meant for my nephew's Christmas present and Sakura's for me to 'explore'. After taking her out of the packaging, I tried to loosen her joints (kinda stiff, maybe bcos of the paint) I accidentally broke her wrist!! OMG! This stuff's flimsy! Maybe because of the materials used nowadays, kinda rubbery.. same thing happened to my 12 inch ML Icon Spidey. I too broke his wrist while trying to loosen the joints. Man, what luck!

This morning, I tried fixing Sakura's wrist and fortunately, Lady Luck's on my side. Managed to removed the broken stud stuck in her wrist and super-glued it back to the hand. While waiting for the glue to cure, I decided to give Sakura a photo shoot. As the designers make her skirt abit too short, her panties got exposed most of the time. As this blog is seen by many & I dun want any authorities/ irate parents come knocking at my 'doors' for 'indecent' exposure, I've decided to block out any 'unfavourable' exposures.... enjoy the pics!

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