Thursday, January 31, 2008

Optimus Prime!

Finally, after weeks of searching, I've managed to find Optimus Prime Nike Free 7.0 'chiong' version in a mamak shop in Little India! As always, only 1 left! Grab it and paid the tambi promptly and walked off gleaming with a silly grin..
This time, I managed to transform it from robot to shoe effortlessly.( expeienced already..heheh) All the parts are working fine and as you can see, it poses great too...I havn't got the chance to see the real Macoy but I guess for now, this 2 'chiong' version will sit pretty nicely among my collection of toys...
"I'll kill you Optimus..." "haha, Megatron! You can't even tie your own shoe lace, let alone finish me off! "

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