Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Review of Ryan Whitaker from 'Final Fantasy;The Spirits Within'

Ryan Whitaker, from the CG animated movie "Final Fantasy; The Spirits Within" , is a rather forgettable figure. You can try searching on the internet for his character description and you'll probably had a hard time looking. Then, one wonders, "Why make this figure in the first place!?" I'm sure there are other more interesting and asthetically interesting characters around in the movie.....anyway, the movie sucks! It's plot is worth forgetting and the DVD's not worth collecting...Then why buy this figure? haha...reason is simple. I got it during the annual Taka Toy Sale. Tonnes of it lying on the floor. Guess nobody's interested in getting it for keeps. As usual, being the type that goes for things that no one wants, I parted some cash and got myself 2 pcs.
At 1st look, the toy's kindda disappointing. Can't really move much. So I decided to take off his uniform and as I was cutting some of the strings attached to the body armour, I discovered that the figure is rather flexible. It's 'stiffness' is actually caused by all the stitchings. After all the threads were removed, you can see from the pics that Ryan is no longer 'stiff-joint'.

Sometimes, I get carried away during photo shoots and decided to spice up the scene by adding a prop or 2. Guess the Gothic CY Girl comes in handy at times.....haha....grrrr.....

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