Friday, February 8, 2008

12 inch Henshin Cyborg Reviews!

Takara released the first Henshin Cyborg, Cyborg-1, in late 1972, two years prior to the debut of Microman. Henshin Cyborg figure, interestingly, was based on the popular 12" (1/6) Combat Joe body (licensed GI Joe). The toy featured clear Combat Joe figure with visible "cyborg" and "atomic engine" machinery innards. Takara also released several accessories and villain figure (King Walder) for the series, most notably were the fabric costumes for the cyborg The costumes were from the popular early 1970's live TV shows such as the Ultraman and Kamen Rider series.......( If you wish to know more, this info was actually taken off from another website, )
As for me, I got this 2 figures while visiting my fav haunt, Sungei Road. The 'ah pek' actually let me have it for quite a 'reasonable' price. I guess to him, this is just another old toy but to me, this is TREASURE!! Can you believe that these 2 figures still comes with the original box (not very good condition, though) and some accessories example claws-like hands, boots,body armour...etc. This is going to be a good start to a New Year of the Rat!! Yummmmmm Sheng~!

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