Friday, February 22, 2008

Star Trek Insurrection, Lt Commander Worf

Who is Lt. Commander Worf? What is his role in the Starfleet?
According to ( , these are his details:
Last Starfleet Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current position: Federation Ambassador to Qo'noS; previously, strategic operations officer, Deep Space Nine and first officer, U.S.S. Defiant
Full Name: Worf
Date of birth: Earth equivalent: Dec. 9, 2340
Place of birth:Qo'noS,Klingon EmpireParents: Son of Mogh; foster parents Sergey and Helena
RozhenkoEducation: Starfleet Academy, 2357-61
Marital status: Widowed: married to Jadzia Dax, 51247.5 (died 2374)
Children: One son, Alexander, born 43rd day of Maktag (Earth equivalent 2366)Quarters: Currently relocating to Qo'noS from residence at DS9; formerly, Enterprise Deck 7, Sect. 25B
As for me, I'm only interested in the action figure! hahaha...Well, among the range of action figure released following the movie "Star Trek Insurrection", Lt Commander Worf is the only one that stands out from thre rest. Reason is the likeness of this figure as compared to the real person in the movie. That's enough reason to buy it. But....upon close inspection, hum....
Nice facial expression. Detailed for this price range of toys. Plus the uniform is fabric.

Not much room for articulation. Kinda of stiff.
That's the max the arms and legs can bend. You can't even twist the fore arm. The head's good for rotation but not tilting. The ankles are stiff, maybe because of the boots, I guess. Didn't take out the boots as I'm worried I might accidentally break them, feet and all.
As you can see from this picture, the skin tone and contour is great but the choice of material is pretty hard. Looks and feel like phenolics. Guess the material can last till my great-grand children and it'll still be as hard!
Verdict?? Good to keep as a reminder of the 'good o days of action figure'. Stiff and not so articulated. Well, that's what we call evolution, right??

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