Monday, March 3, 2008

Is this considered 'Kitbashing'?

According to Wikipedia, 'Kitbashing' is a practice in which a new scale model is created by combining elements from existing, commercially-available model kits; these elements may be added to an existing base, or to each other.

So, my question here is, "Does changing the clothing, adding accessories to an existing figure considered kitbashing? Like what I've done here using an unknown figure (atleast to me it's unknown...maybe bros out there can tell me his name?), gave him some new clothings and added some accessories to my liking.

Got this snowboard from a fren. Looks kinda of cool, right?

This is a fireman's outfit I got from Salvation Army. Fit nicely.

Some John Woo's action moves...flying in mid air and doing stuffs all at once...


Shaun said...

I'd call it a kitbash. Nice work IMHO.

Ah Chow said...

Thanks Pro Bro! Just starting to 'kitbash'. Still got lots of 12" still sealed, waiting for the right time to 'free' them...hehe

Shaun said...

dude, I'm not pro bro, pro bro's here. Looking forward to more photos. :)