Saturday, May 10, 2008

Shadow's in town!!

Just got her fresh from Yahoo Auction. As like all the older CY Girls, this one was no exception. The shiny material used for her clothing had started to turn sticky and moldy. Maybe that's why the previous owner is giving her up. Well, lucky for me, I've been trying to get my hands on one..

Funny thing about this fig, as compared to the rest, the left arm seems to be a little 'springy'. As if there is some tension when you pull back the arms. Very different from the rest...hum...
The wrist is kinda of loose given that it's 'supposed' to be MIB.. No matter, the packaging comes with the standard accessories, like shot gun, pisto, I wished they have included a 'nan-cha-ku' or some ninja stuff weaponry instead of just the sword. That's the only disappointment I have with this fig.
Check out the writing on the sword sheath. Translated loosely in to English: " New Movie Endurance Sword" Whatever that means! haha
more poses...
One thing about Shadow is her hair...very soft and life like..wonder if it's real! Finally, I have a dark haired girl in my collection of CY Girls! Ma, check out my newly plucked eyebrows! dun they look fierce...yucky!
This is all there is on her...BBI should have given her some body armour/mask/shield. That'll definitely up the 'wow' factor.
Nicely contoured figure..
Hope more should have been done to make the joints more flexible..


Shaun said...

nice score, thanks for sharing pix. One of the CY Girls with better accessories, IMHO

Ah Chow said...

yup..still working on it. Still got plenty more 1:6 figs not yet 'catalogue' due to time constraint. Thanks.