Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Toys and accessories for SALE!!

Recently I have problem posting my items online in Yahoo! Auction. Highlighted this to technical support but still, that's approx. 4 days already, they've not solved the problem. Anyway, these are the items that I'm letting go. Email to me if you find anything you like. Thanks..

1:6 scale single seater chair letting go for SGD$65. Figure not included.

Venom Shape-shifter. WYSIWYG. No missing/damaged parts. Letting go for SGD$10.

Ryu from Street Fighter. Letting go for SGD$12.

CY Girl Gothic dress. Letting go for SGD$15.

Spawn figure comes with magazine attached. Letting go for SGD$10.

Final Fantast, The Spirits Within, 3 piece for the price of SGD$20.

CY Girl 100% cotton overall plus PVC leather sling bag. SGD$15. Figure not included.

Chris Jerico, letting go for SGD$15.

Japanese manga from Hong Kong. Text in Chinese. Letting go for SGD$12.

Final Count, Drop Kick. Letting go for SGD$20.

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