Friday, June 27, 2008

Singapore's 1st Toy & Comic Convention Coverage!

Singapore's 1st ever Toy & Comic Convention! Finally, somebody's taking notice of the growing potential of holding one in Singapore. Well, below's my personal coverage of the event and if my comments on certain things offends anyone who comes across my blog, SO BE IT. It's my personal experience and account of what happened when I was there.
The event started on a Friday, 27th Jun for trade visitor only. So, I went straight on the 28th, which was open to the public, FOC. Very crowded. Guess every toy collecter has long anticipated for such event long enough. I had a few hundred bucks in my wallet, ever ready to go in spend every single cent on the much touted 'latest, innovative' toys available during this convention.
Before I actually entered the convention, I was hoping to see plenty of 'action', especially when the Event's Guide said that there will be a Cosplay Competition. Well, I've heard alot about Cosplay but have yet to see one in person. Guess this is the right place,right?
Kinda disappointed at 1st sight! Is that all? So much publicity, even the STB was involved and this is all they can do??? I was hoping to see crowds of 'kawaii' gals in cute Sailor Moon costume or those dressed like Sayaka Yumi...but guess this is Singapore and people are pretty conservative. Look at the pic above; Need length skirt and those you think this will bring in the crowds? humm...guess the organisers still have alot to learn.

The entire place's not well organised. There's plenty of space at the side of the convention center and yet they have to cramp all the booth together and people were seen jostling to squeeze through the narrow walkway. I was pretty turned off. I had my eyes set on some 12 inch but because I was carrying my 2 year old son, I couldn't get to the booth as it was too crowded. The organisers should have arranged those selling to one side and those doing displays the other. That way, everyone can have an opportunity to visit all the stalls. Guess, they were worried that the initial responds might not be that good, so in order to 'create' the crowd, all the stalls are cramped together! How I wish the layout's more like those at the Robinson/
Metro/ John Little Sale at the Expo.
More pics and commentary to follow....

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