Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bikes Galore!

I would like to dedicate this section to everything about bikes. Whether those that fits 1/8 or Gashapon. As long they're 2 wheelers, I think they deserved some write ups. Myself have been riding bikes for more than 10 years and have developed a kinda special relationship with 2 wheelers. They're different from 4 wheelers. Let's not talk about safety though. Of course the car win hands down. But, if you've ridden a bike down the highway on a cool evening, you'll know what I mean. The feelings kinda of medidative and yet serene once you've hit the cruising speed. Man & Machine as One.
Thus I think a 12 inch or any action figure, should never be without a trusted 'side-kick', that is a 2 wheeler. That's why they're called 'Action figure', perhaps?

So lets start with this cool looking bike..... This bike belongs to one of the S.I.C figure( I've yet to find out the character's name ) which I bought while on my trip to HK last year. Never had any Gashapon character before but what made me buy this one is that it comes with this bike. Not just any bike. Very detailed.

Next review, Honda CBR 900 RR Fireblade, HD WWII Shovel Head GI Joe Series, S.I.C Masked Rider With Bike..

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Shaun said...

very cool looking bike, nice score.