Tuesday, September 2, 2008

King Kong! It's Alive!!!

It's been raining cats and dogs for several hours now. Wonder when it'll stop.... Last Saturday, went to a toys warehouse sale and got myself a Kong. I mean King Kong. Got it dirt cheap. Although the box was beyond recognition, the 'goods' is still in excellent condition. Took the box and ripped Kong out of it's confines. What better way to showcase the mighty beast then to set it free from it's confines. It's a pretty large toy. Best thing is that it walks, roars and thrump his chest!
I've always been facinated by King Kong when I was a kid. My father would bring me to one of my uncle's studio (he does movie poster drawings hug outside cinema back then) and I'd always been amazed at the gigantic prop of KK in his garage. Too bad didn't take a picture of it..
There will be a screening of the movie remake, Kong King on TV this Sunday. Didn't get the chance to see on the big screen but I'll definitely not miss it this time.

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