Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WWII HD Shovel Head GI Joe Series

Got this fabulously detailed 1:6 WWII Harley Davidson Shovel Head Hardtail from Yahoo Auction. I've always been mesmerised by bikes in war paint. It got that mystical feel to it. I once had a CD 185T, which had it painted in army green. Turns plenty of heads while riding down Orchard Road~ :P
How I wished that some of the parts are die casted. Atleast it would have that 'plastic' look..
The saddle bags are PVC leather, nice for a change. Would definitely loved to 'rough' it up with some air bushing to make it look more realistic...
Wouldn't it be wonderful if the makers can incorporate a LED into the head lamp?
GI Joe looking at his 'best'...more like a dummy...

Next review will be a HD Police Bike, under the GI Joe series...stay tuned for more pics and reviews!

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