Monday, October 20, 2008

S.I.C Masked Rider with bike

Yesterday, I was kinda free so decided to pay CS a visit. Havn't been there for some time already. The place pretty quiet. Not many shops open for biz. U-Toys closed, as usual...haiz..but there are several still opened. So walk around aimlessly, money in pocket but don't know what to buy. Infact, I actually wanted to go and get myself a head for my 12 inch figure but after asking around, not 1 shop got what I wanted. Then I spoted this....

According to the owner, he said that this figure quite old already, maybe several years back. At one time, this item is hot. Now his selling away, 2 for the price of 1. I saw this when I was in HK last year but did not buy cos thought I already got one already ( pls see my previous posting )..

This figure comes together with a female companion and a side car. One box contains the blue fig with bike while the other box contains a female fig with the side car. Combine both, "Shazam!" Complete collection for $18...not a bad deal to me.

I luv this particular kind of figures because they're very detailed and I think they are sparyed/painted individually? Up close shot looks great. Fine details.

Trying my hands on using my PC Tablet to do some 'editing'...

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