Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Went to the 'Great Metro Sale' at Expo and got this Batmobile for my son. I don't normally buy DC stuff but since this Batmobile is going for just SGD$15, why not?

When you press a button at the back, the 2 side 'car' springs out, accompanying it with some cool action sound plus lights. The 2 'side car' can also fire a projective each, but I've since removed it because I find it dangerous to be played by a 2 year old kid. Don't get me wrong. It's stated on the box that it's meant for 4 years +, but, what if it's owned by a 4 year old kid and played by his 2 year old brother? hum....The projectile fires quite far and can feel the force when it hits you. So, parents, pls be cautious when you're purchasing toys..

The fins are made of soft material which is pretty safe for a kid to handle and not get poked.

The canopy opens up to fit any 43/4 inch figures. There is also a red button ontop of the car's bonet that when pressed, gives off 3 different sound and lights. BEWARE: Don't let you kid play this with the light off. The blue light can be pretty strong in a dark environment and can cause temporary blindness, which happens to me....damn super bright LED!

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