Monday, January 26, 2009

My collection to date..

I'm currently running out of space and my wife is making 'some' noise about my collection taking up too much space....haiz...

This doll, which I have no idea what's her name, is a rather unique one. I'm not referring to Jenny but the one next to her. What is so special about this particular one is that her face can have mulitple expression, eg. angry, happy, shock,sad or combination of all by just pressing some buttons located on her back. I'll talk more about her later.

" FALL IN" Guys!

Gossip time!

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D7ana said...

Your unnamed doll is a My Scene Fab Faces Kennedy. This series of My Scene dolls had faces that altered to reflect their moods. The links that I found for her were auction links and would not likely last, but you'll find MIB Kennedys with that face and look.

Happy Collecting!