Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Right Hand of Doom....

Well, this morning, the weather's fine and cooling. So I decided to carry on with my Hellboy mod. As I still have some epoxie left, I decided to proceed with making the 'Right hand of Doom' and finish the eyes. One thing I find hard to do are the eyes. Hellboy's eyes are very expressive..it got that kind of 'moody' stare. Making the hand was easy. But to achieve the effect, why, that have to wait till it's cured. After making the hand, I still have some spare epoxie, so I decided to bulk up his neck muscles. This is the tricky part. I must prevent the neck from sticking to the neck muscles or I'll have a Hellboy with stiff neck! haha...
SpideyWeb from SGcollect ask me these questions:
Q) What type of expoxies or putty I used?
A) 2 Part Epoxie, bought from Fix It shop. Cost arnd $7+. As for putty, I havn't tried one yet.

Q) Compressor model and airbrush accessories...
A) Got all of them at Artfren, Bras Basah.

Q) Type of paint..
A) Acrylic. The type normally used for airbrushing. Can also be bought from Artfren.
I'm not so much of an expert in such things. Just used them as I go along. Some experts are very particular about certain paint brands. Well, if I ever reached that stage, I'll let you know my preference..hehe..for now, anything goes.

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